Photo-guide on best places to visit in Marrakesh

      There is loads to see in Marrakesh and around. If you have  a good week staying in, you should definitely buy a trip or two. They are very cheap. I bought one to see three waterfalls in High Atlas Mountains, and one to see the desert. I am afraid, I don’t have a current prices, but when I was there in Nov 2014, I  paid around 25£ each. Well worth it. They both were for one day. There is loads of travel agents around to reserved you place, and they will usually pick you up from the place you`re staying or from agreed place close.  Apart from that, it`s definitely worth to see:

  • Medersa Ben Youssef

     It’s an Islamic college where pious clever clogs once came to study the Koran. These lucky scholars were able to look up from their manuscripts and see a physical glorification of God, with spellbinding patterns wrought in tiny mosaic tiles and carved cedar wood.


  • Marrakesh Museum

      This museum is a window into Moroccan history through its collection of coins, pottery, jewellery, weapons and artwork.


  •  Jardin Majorelle

    Visit the stunning colorful garden also known as Villa Oasis to see a botanical paradise of flora and fauna with cute small turtles around.

  • Explore the ruins of El Badi Palace

    The ancient ruins of the 16th century El Badi Palace, that represent the wide courtyard and rock formations.


  • Jemaa el-Fnaa

    A must see, must buy something there, must eat there place. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the main square and the loud maze of traditional souks, narrow streets and amazing food.


  •  Bahia Palaceqa.jpg

4 thoughts on “Photo-guide on best places to visit in Marrakesh

  1. Haha, not so sure about the snake, as as soon as I took this photo, owner told me off for coming to close. I am afraid, I don’t have a great knowledge on flowers, like yourself, but might be, as I have seen loads of new species to me. Thank you for your comets 🙂


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