Azerbaijan, few photos and thoughts

   It felt like all odds were against me. Though, meeting so many obstacles during my Azerbaijan-Georgia trip did not reflect on my opinion on these two countries I adored, especially Georgia, but can`t lie that I am disappointed of not seeing many things, I planned in advance, for different reasons that were out of my hands. Here a good advice is that the best time to visit this area is during the summer time, as connections are probably better and most of the places are open. I am sure it may spare you the disappointment, I have experienced. So what have I missed? Okatse Canyon in Georgia (was closed as of low season time), mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan (car got stuck in the mud, so we couldn’t reach the area), Armenia (yes, I supposed to go there, but road to Kazbegi, in Northern Georgia, was closed three times due to the heavy snow, so I’ve lost precious time and was simply lacking extra days to visit), fellow travelers (I was always alone in hotels) and that tragicomedy moment when I slipped in the hotel`s bathroom, destroying a toilet seat and hurting my back so much, I could not walk…but hey, at least nobody saw it! But please, don`t get me wrong, I truly enjoyed it, but It was just a first time when I haven’t done all I planned. 

27 thoughts on “Azerbaijan, few photos and thoughts

  1. Was that peat burning in the photo with the men in it? What were the holes in the rock floor? Was that ancient grinding sites? I am s unfamiliar with this area, even the rocks looked different. This looked fascinating. Sorry for your disappointments.

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  2. Sorry that you had some frustrations and couldn’t complete your itinerary, but looks like you saw a lot, and compiled a terrific album here.
    We have a couple of natural gas flames in New York, but most of the gas is locked in the shale layers, and requires “fracking” to release it, so no mud volcanoes.

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  3. Sorry that you couldn’t make it as planned, hope you have recovered completely ! By the way it interesting to see the unique architecture there !!


  4. Hi there! We went to some of the same places.. i think i had slightly better luck than you, but we can never control the circumstances.. I was wondering if you took that first picture.. it is soooo nice : )


    1. Ow thank you so much!! And for looking! I saw your blog too and I am glad you both write about atheism. I am atheist myself since i was little and still amaze me how people can believe in such things. Thanks again!!

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      1. Yeah, unfortunately we have too many religious people on the US, and they try to legislate and teach our children their little fairy tale, which means many of us spend a lot of time on a subject that we don’t believe in. It’s crazy. Follow my blog! And thanks again!

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  5. What wonderful architecture. Thanks for sharing these and educating me about the area. It is fascinating. I especially like the first photo with the modern buildings peeking over the old. Would you consider submitting a photo or two from these areas for my Monday mystery photo feature? They would be perfect. I credit you for ther photo and provide a link back to your blog for the month featured.

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    1. Yes of course you can use it! How can I send it to you? Or you will link it? You can use others too. I will have a look also if I have some mysterious photos. Thank you!!! All the best!!


  6. Oh so sorry your plan going to Armenia did not push through. It is a small conutry but very interesting place especially the century old monasteries. Hope you will visit Armenia one day.Good luck on your next trip.


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