Cold is a new hot

  I stands for ice, ice stands for Iceland. I will share more about this magnificent country in next posts. Here just a few photos from the ice cave, I visited. Though, just want to add that it really is difficult to stay for some time and take photos in -15C. Even thought, Iceland is worming you up inside!

18 thoughts on “Cold is a new hot

  1. I was standing at Gullfoss in winter with ferocious wind and my finger would not press the shutter on the camera, no matter how hard I tried to do so. I can relate to your difficulties with photos at – 15 C The results are beautiful, nevertheless.


    1. Hello there Norway 🙂 Ah yes, beautiful waterfall, but I remember when I was there, too, had a bad weather as snowy blizzard came just out of the sudden. I am sure you liked Iceland like me anyway. Thank you for your comment!


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