December`s fairy tale. Christmas market in Wrocław

  Mulled wine, food stands, a personal horseshoe, made by a real blacksmith, and gifts are only a few examples you can find at Christmas market in one of the Polish cities, Wrocław. December truly transform, though already magnificent, main square in a very mystical place with an extra hint of a magic, in a place not only kids would enjoy. There is no grumpy look at any face. People loves it, enjoy it, taking part in. Great for family, group of friends, tourists, seniors, everyone. There is a different treat for anyone and the same for us all…the magic Christmas spirit.

Food. Many stands offer an amazing and very tasty traditional Polish delicacies as  szaszlyk, (pork, beef or chicken knuckle), bigos (finely chopped meat of various kinds stewed with sauerkraut and shredded fresh cabbage), home-made bread, Saint Martin’s croissants, szare kluchy (potato dumplings), potatoes with herring, pierogis (dumplings with all kind of fillings), gołąbki (cabbage rolls with rice and mince meat) and kwaśnica (sauerkraut soup from the highlands…not my fav;).

Apart from Polish food, you can enjoy Hungarian lángos with filling and cold meats: spicy smoked pepper sausages or traditional kolozsvári bacon. Lovely Spanish sweet option as churros. Balkans brought an amazing borek (pastry with different fillings, mmm I loved it when I was in Serbia).

Finishing at Alsatian pancakes known as flammkuchen and Turkish baklava.

For kids. Apart from many stands with all kind of sweets, youngsters can watch some animatronic characters behind glass convey fairy tale plays like The Little Red Riding Hood, The Brave Little Tailor, The Snow White or Pinocchio.

Children can also join one of the workshops to learn how to paint, and then practice it, their own baubles. This activity can be found next to the Christmas Windmill. On another corner, next to the Dwarf House, children can meet Santa at parking space of his sleigh with reindeer.

25 thoughts on “December`s fairy tale. Christmas market in Wrocław

  1. This was a dream. Who was the featured blonde? She seemed miffed at the end.
    Those lights are magnificent. They are like a hanging mosaic.
    I have seen mini versions of some of these structures in Polish decorations. I had no idea there were real life–sized versions. I need to get out more.

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    1. Hahah, might be as its my sisters 14 years old daughter. Her 10 years old brother was there too, but didn’t want to pose to any photo. Oww, thank you very much for looking at this post and your comment, I appreciate it. It is huge Christmas market, but i have only one ally on the photos as kids didn’t let me to do more 🙂 thank you again!!!


    1. Yes!!! So is mine! I already cant wait for next year. I love it because we, adults, enjoy it as much as kids do. Haha, i am glad you like our food too. Thank you for your comment on this post.


  2. I’ve been over a week ago for the first time in Wroclaw and I completely loved it! I was just thinking about how amazing would be to visit it during xmas time when I came upon this wonderful post hehe Poland is such an incredible country, I am also fortunate to work with many Polish people. Thank u for sharing your view of it with us 🙂


  3. 😍 There isn’t a better party night out-team than the one formed by Polish and Spanish! I will prob. Go back in the future to visit again my dear friend Anna (yes,she has the same name as yours) I will write you again then for further recommendations. Cheers!

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