Apart from “about me”, you can find on a right hand side of the page (or down), I would like to add that I really love photography, nor that I am saying I am good at it. Sadly being robed and losing my good Nikon with loads of photos from 5 countries in South America, I can not always add good images to my blog now. I am going to take my skills to the next level, so hopefully my photos are going to be wort seeing for you soon. Yet again, thank you for stopping by here.

Please note all the photos here are mine, I don’t use others.



18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Anna. I’m travelling to Bucharest and heading to Sofia. I see that there is a bus that departs Bucharest at 4:30am and arrives in Sofia at 1:30pm but I don’t know if it safe for a female to be at the bus station alone at night. Any advise?

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    1. Hello!! Well, the terminal is very dodgy to be honest, so if thats your only option is better to take a taxi there. I also do believe other travelers should be around at the filaret station in Bucharest. So it should be ok, but i just cant remember if you can buy a ticket in advance. I dont think so…but please maybe check with hotel. They may know. There is a nice 1pm and 4pm service too and an overnight train. Best traveling 🙂


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