Apart from “about me”, you can find on a right hand side of the page (or down), I would like to add that I really love photography, nor that I am saying I am good at it. Sadly being robed and losing my good Nikon with loads of photos from 5 countries in South America, I can not always add good images to my blog now. I am going to take my skills to the next level, so hopefully my photos are going to be wort seeing for you soon. Yet again, thank you for stopping by here.

Please note all the photos here are mine, I don’t use others.

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  1. Hi Anna. I’m travelling to Bucharest and heading to Sofia. I see that there is a bus that departs Bucharest at 4:30am and arrives in Sofia at 1:30pm but I don’t know if it safe for a female to be at the bus station alone at night. Any advise?

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    1. Hello!! Well, the terminal is very dodgy to be honest, so if thats your only option is better to take a taxi there. I also do believe other travelers should be around at the filaret station in Bucharest. So it should be ok, but i just cant remember if you can buy a ticket in advance. I dont think so…but please maybe check with hotel. They may know. There is a nice 1pm and 4pm service too and an overnight train. Best traveling 🙂


      1. Hi Anna, I’m planning to do the Bucharest-Sofia trip in April 2019. I see the only bus available for the moment at http://www.etapgroup.com/ is the 4 pm service. Maybe the 1 pm bus (which would be perfect to me) is a spring-summer service only? Any ideas? Btw, the overnight train to Sofia is not running anymore–there’s just one train departing 12.45 pm daily from Bucharest.


        1. Hello there! I am afraid I cant be sure for 100% as I am not there, but bus at 1pm is from the different company. I dont have any friends now in Bucharest to ask. I know that theres no info online. When I was there (march 2017) the 1pm one was running, but I dont know if it does now. There is another option of taking a bus from Bucharest to Russe (they run every hour). The bus will stop just before the border. Cross the border and just take another bus from the village (just outside the border on Romanian side) to Sofia. I am sorry I cant help more, but have a great journey and time!!!


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Anna. Good luck with your travels and stay safe. I’m sorry that you had your Nikon stolen – especially for the lost images.

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  3. Hi Anna. I just came across your blog today as I was googling and read a fair bit before I noticed that you are going to Iceland this month. I’m from Iceland myself and live in Reykjavik, although I’m currently in San Pedro de Atacama, 2 months into my open-ended backpacking around South America. Like you I have visited around 50 countries and am completely addicted to traveling, so I just wanted to give a shout-out from one solo female traveler to another, to thank you for a helpful blog and mention that in return I’d be happy to help if you want tips on anything in Iceland, feel free to contact me. Happy travels and keep up the good work!


    1. Oh hi there Una!! Thank you for checking my blog. I appreciate it a lot. Oh lucky you, San Pedro is one of the most outstanding places I have seen so far. What is your next stop after? Thank you for your offer. You are the first person from Iceland I “talk to” 🙂 I am also more than happy to give some tips on South America. But regarding my trip, I am going just for a week, so I did some itinerary. However, I was wondering if it is worth renting a bike from Reykjavik for the whole day to cycle around? What do you think? Thank you again and hoping you love SA as I did!!


  4. Where were you robbed? We were robbed in Peru back in 2011 – the robber/s took 2 laptops, an iPhone, iPod, a lot of cash – an inside job. Worst part was my partner’s Machu Picchu and USA photos were on his SD card in his laptop. Only left it there the day before as he was going to do a back-up. I lost my Word doc containing blog updates for Sth America. 😦

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog. 🙂


    1. My pleasure seieng your blog, and that you travel for so long. It is easy now, but wasnt when you started. I adore that. I was robbed in Santiago, Chile, so I feel for all your loss, especially photos and writings. Thank you again for your comment.

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      1. I’m a ‘little’ older than you. 😉 Yes, I started travelling young back in 1985, which was much harder than these days. I haven’t really stopped and I work to travel. This trip has been the longest so far, my partner and I left Australia in March 2014…still going, but in Italy for a while.


  5. Is this blog still functional Anna as I read that you have not written a new entry in over seven months. Your comments to my blog indicate you would love to continue your travels..
    I’m curious to hear your response.

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    1. Hello there! I actually created this side, at least at first, just for myself, just to keep records, some photos and thoughts from my travel days. I am glad some people find some useful information in here, but because I havent been anywhere, I have not written anything recently. Having said that, I do have loads of destinations and plans for future, so hopefully something new will come here soon 🙂 Thank you for asking. I really like your blog too as its interesting and mature. Greetings!!!


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