Matka Canyon by public bus from Skopje

  Once in Skopje Matka Canyon is a place you just have to visit. I could start with important reasons like: the beauty of the place, clear green waters of the Treska River, path trial trough the canyon…loads.

But how about the fact that Matka is located just 15 kilometers from the city? Yeah I know, just around the corner. Even if you are visiting capital just for one day, you can still add it to your schedule, as the public bus takes only 30-40 minutes to reach the canyon, and it arrives just right before the entrance. You can even get there by taxi. I’ve heard it will cost only 400-500 MKD one way (that’s around 8 Euros).

  So in order to get to Matka Canyon, you have to take a number 60 bus that leaves from the main bus station. Please note that the stop is actually located on the right hand side of the main bus terminal behind the petrol station. The stand is somewhere in the middle, and it has a sign with number 60 next to it, so you really will find it with no hustle. Ultimately, you can catch it also from the city center, as the bus makes loads of stops in Skopje on the way.

It is running quiet often. Times of departures from Skopje main bus station: 7:00 / 8:45 / 10:30 / 12:10 / 13:50 / 17:10 / 18:45 / 20:15 / 22:30.  Return from Matka to Skopje: 11:20 / 13:00 / 14:55 / 16:25 / 17:45 / 19:20 / 21:00. 
Unlucky, most of the bus stands here in capital don’t have any information, so you have to ask locals where is the most convenient stop for you, if you are not going from the main one or the one near the city center (tagged on the photo). In order to travel you need to buy a card. You can not pay to the driver by cash any longer.The travel card cost 150 MKD. That`s enough for 2 ways, and probably you will have some money on it left that you can use later on for other buses, if needed. Please don’t panic if the bus is late, it`s normal. I, for example, waited 10 minutes.

Going back

The bus will leave from the same place where you got off at arrival. Repeating: return bus depart from Matka to Skopje at 11:20 / 13:00 / 14:55 / 16:25 / 17:45 / 19:20 / 21:00. Please, be 15 minutes earlier, as I have been warned that bus can leave 15 mins prior departure from Matka. Matka

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