Funny things we have learned from backpacking

  • It really is possible to wash all your underwear everyday even for six months.
  • Hostel kitchen is better than tripadvisor.
  • You are happy changing location so quickly, so people don’t see that you wear same clothes ever so often.
  • Nobody likes upper bed on a bunk-bed.
  • Poorer you get, better chef you become.
  • Calling you a tourist is like the worst curse.
  • You drink and smoke too much.
  • Your brain switched to “cheaper food taste better”.
  • Your sense of smell is not so sharp anymore.
  • You felt in love with hammocks and suddenly it is your favorite furniture.
  • You are planning a second trip, before finishing the first one.
  • You haven`t had that many bruises since childhood.
  • You don’t mind chickens in the bus for 8 hours.
  • You have a high tolerance to the noise.
  • Your style is called “comfortable”.
  • It is a leisure to change your socks everyday.
  • Your not the only one on limited daily budget.
  • You can make a friend in 5 minutes, you can lose a friend in 3.
  • Available TV is like top pleasure, doesn’t matter you don`t understand the language.
  • WiFi is more often available than hot water.
  • People actually like you.
  • You love locals with all your heart, but you still have to guard your back pack like everyone is a potential theft.
  • Police is cool.
  • You will walk 10 kilometers to the hostel, but never skip a party.
  • Beer is good only in Europe.
  • Your not as good in negotiation as you thought you are.
  • You rarely may tip, but not as much.
  • You think you are so important, because you leave a feedback on
  • You know there is a female in your room, because she dries her panties on the side of the bed, like you (female) do.
  • You know there is a male in your room, because he doesn’t dry his underwear on the side of the bed like you (female) do.
  • You prefer to go out in the evening, than eat the next day.
  • Every breakfast equal toast.
  • You think you are cooler than any tourist.

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