One funny trip to High Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Marrakesh is absolutely wonderful, vibrant, colorful and full of culture, but remember that there are even greater things to see around. Along with magnificent cost line, you can hike one of the highest range of African mountains and visit the desert. All three mentioned are definitely worth seeing, so please try to add maybe one or two days to extend your stay in this country, that’s if you can of course. Definitely a strong recommendation from me to buy few trips while in Marrakesh. I guess, adding that they are at a very affordable price may count too for a budget traveler. One day trip, that include transport and usually guide, can cost as little as 30$. Here please take my advice to carefully recheck what is covered in the price. Some agencies do not include some entrance fees, and they do not inform you, if you wont ask.

But coming back to the title of this post, I did book two tours. One to hike High Atlas and second to see the desert. The first one was definitely very different from the casual ones, I’ve had before. Why?

The following day of my trip, I woke up with a very high temperature, very sick with a sore throat. Kind of a thing you can expect when you are coming during late November from a cold Europe to a country wormed up to 28-30C. Despite being sick and not really up for hiking, I decided to go anyway. It was agreed that transport will pick me up from my hotel at 8.30. I was waiting, then waiting a little bit more, then It was already 9.30. I got worried a bit, but I gave another 30 minutes to wait (I guess, I like to wait;), then I called agency to ask what on earth is going on, how could they forget about looovelly Annaaa from Poooland. Well, yes they kinda did. Agent was very apologetic, and he said that somebody is coming back to pick me up in 10 minutes. Ok then-I thought-I will wait. After 10 minutes a man came and told me to fallow him, so I did. He took me to the cafe shop where 2 Moroccans were sitting, then he announce to me that I will go with them. I asked-ok, so we will catch up with the rest of the group? He said no, they are gone already, we will go alone. I said-no I am not coming alone with you-but they were pressuring me that its ok, and we will go alone, I mean me and two of them…in their private car. I recon, it’s because of my high temperature, I agreed. As soon as we headed off, I wasn’t sure If I will be alive by tomorrow, was scared and couldn’t understand why I did agree.


So what happened after? Nothing really. I’ve had the most wonderful private day trip and hike. Definitely one of the best tours, I have booked. Apart from the fact that as the only one I was in control of where will we stop and for how long, I’ve had a private guide while hiking Mountains. Here, I have to say hello to him, as my guide was so so nice to me, adapting the speed, of quieted difficult hike on rocks, to my speed, and the way I felt that day. Thought, as female solo, better not to fallow what I ve done, as you never know, this trip came as one of the coolest. We chatted a lot, so Ive had a chance to learn about current political issues, economy and general lifestyle in Morocco. Please see my photos of this, scary at first, amazing at the and, day trip around Magnificent range of African mountains.

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