Best and cheapest restaurants in Wrocław-culinary heaven for backpackers (September 2021 update)

 We all, as backpackers, know way to well what daily budget means to us, and how essential is to stuck to it! We have to fallow the plan on accommodation prices, food,  transport and other pleasures. I can not say that you will find the cheapest hostels and, especially, hotels in Wrocław, city in Poland, but when it comes to meals…luckily we do offer few very good and very affordable restaurants. You can have a breakfast there from 1$ with a coffee, a soup for 1.50$ and a lunch/dinner starting at as little as 2$. And do not think it compares the quality of the food, because it really doesn’t. Food is home-made, traditional and simply delicious!! These restaurants are also very popular among students, that usually have a limited budged themselves. The only minus, I am afraid, is that the staff do not speak almost any English and that might be hard for travellers, but there is always someone around to help. Once you will master the task of getting an order, you just wont be disappointed. Here, I will write about top ten best and cheapest restaurants and some milk bars, as we call them, you can find in the city center in Wroclaw.

Miś Milk Bar (Bar Mleczny Miś)

Definitely my number one and all time favourite. I always dine there when possible and when in the city center area, and not because is very cheap there. Students favourite too and well popular in general in Wroclaw, offering anything from breakfast, lunch and dinner at lowest possible price with and old school vibe present all around. And, most importantly, all is well made and taste very good. Location is just perfect, right next to the University of Wroclaw and very close to the main square and town hall. Please trust me and pop in for a lunch! The only minus is that some dishes, like pierogi, go fast and after 14.00 it`s difficult to order them. Opening hours also may be a problem for travellers who like to eat late, otherwise nothing is stopping you! 

Address: ul. Kuźnicza 48, Wrocław
Opening hours: Mon–Fr: 8.00–18.00, Sat: 8.00–17.00

Examples of dishes and prices (English/Polish)

1. Soups

  • Broth – 1.80$ / Rosół – 4.50
  • Tomato soup – 1.29$/ Pomidorowa – 5
  • Cabbage soup – 1.50$ / Kapuśniak – 5.80
  • Pea soup – 1.80$ / Grochówka – 7.00
  • Sour rye soup with sausage and egg – 1.80$ / Żurek z kiełbasą i jajkiem – 7.00
  • Tripe – 1.80$ / Flaki – 7.00

2. Meat Dishes

  • Minced steak – 1.72$ / Kotlet mielony – 6.70
  • Meatballs in cream sauce 2.25$ / Pulpety w sosie śmietanowym – 8.70
  • Chicken breast in bread crumbs – 2.25$ / Kotlet drobiowy – 8.70
  • Pork goulash – 2.30$ / Gulasz wieprzowy – 8.80
  • Cutlet de volaille (usually made of chicken breast) – 2.40$ / Kotlet de volaille – 9.20
  • Chicken nuggets – 2.40$ / Nugetsy z kurczaka – 9.20
  • Pork neck in sauce – 2.40$ / Karkówka w sosie – 9.20
  • Pork pocket with mushrooms – 2.50$ / Kieszeń schabowa z pieczarkami – 9.60
  • Pork chop XL (like German Schnitzel) – 3.20$ / Kotlet schabowy XL – 12.50
  • Beef tartare with additions – 3.75$ / Tatar wołowy z dodatkami – 14.50
  • A Hungarian meat cake – 4.65$ (only for rich backpackers 😉 / Placek po węgiersku – 18.00
  • Miruna fish – 1.80$/100g / Ryba miruna – 7.00 zł/100g

3. Dumplings, pasta, pancakes

  • Pancakes with cheese (this is a bit sweet dish) – 2.20$ / Naleśniki z serem – 8.50
  • Russian dumplings – 2.30$ / Pierogi ruskie – 9.00
  • Dumplings with spinach – 2.70$ / Pierogi ze szpinakiem – 10.50
  • Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms – 2.60$ / Pierogi z kapustą i grzybami – 10.00
  • Dumplings with meat – 2.75$ / Pierogi z mięsem – 10.80
  • Spaghetti Bolognese – 4.10$ / Spaghetti po bolońsku – 16.00
  • Pasta with chicken – 4.10$ / Makaron z kurczakiem – 16.00
  • Pasta with salmon – 4.65$ / Makaron z łososiem – 18.00

4. Breakfasts

  • I do apologies, but I don`t have a current breakfast sets prices. However, they are even cheaper than lunches, so you do the math guys. Usually they serve scrambled eggs, sausages, bread rolls, frankfurters, cheeses for bread.

Mis.jpgTu dla moich polskich braci moj ulubiony fragmet z Misia:

“Jedziecie do stolicy kraju kapitalistycznego, ktory to kraj ma byc moze tam i swoje plusy. Rozchodzi sie o to jednak zeby te plusy……nie przyslonily wam minusow”.


Just opened recently, so does recently became one of my favourite. Highly recommended for tourists, students and “grandma`s kitchen” lovers”. You can find here pierogi, mash potatoes with meat, loads of salads, krokets and recently pizza. Its very close to the city center (main square). You just must to pop in!!!

Address: ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 17 (next to NH cinema) 

Opening hours: Mon-Fr: 11:00 – 17:00

They also have a bar at Main Railway Station in Wroclaw (ul. Piłsudskiego 105, opened: everyday from 9.30-19.00, Sunday 10.00-19.00) and one more at ul. Mikołaja Reja 2C, 50-353 Wrocław (opened Mon-Fr 11.00-17.00)

Examples of dishes and prices (English/Polish)

  • Traditional Polish dumplings (6 pieces) – 1.95$ / 6 pierogów ruskich – 7.90
  • Full main dinner (mash potato or rice, chicken breast in bread crumbs, salad) – 3.90$ / Ziemniaki puree z koperkiem, kotlet z kurczaka, surówka) – 15.60
  • Soup of the day – 1.40$ / Zupa dnia – 5,40 zł
  • Meat dumplings – 2.50$ / Kluski śląskie – 9.50
  • Krokets with yellow cheese and mushrooms (2 pieces) – 1.95$ / 2 krokiety z serem i pieczarkami – 7.80
  • Salads like: beatroots, cabbage, carrot – 0.75$ / Surówki z buraczków, kapusty, marchewki – 2.80
  • Sweet pancakes – 0.95$ / Nalesniki na slodko – 3.60
  • Drinks – 1$ / Kompot 4
  • Pizzas from 4$ to 6.50$

 Mewa Milk Bar (Bar Mleczny Mewa)

Another milk bar very similar to Miś Milk Bar. Also in the city center area, just a bit further north. Prices and menu are very similar to Miś, so you can have a tasty, homemade, delicious meal at a very affordable price again. The big plus is that this place seems less busy than Miś, but also popular. Pierogi are served from 13.00 and are the most popular dish, so you need to pop in earlier to have a chance to get them.

Address: ul. Drobnera 4, Wrocław
Opening hours: Mon–Fr: 9.00–17.00

Examples of dishes and prices (English/Polish)

All dishes and prices are very similar to Miś Bar (see above).


Address: ul. Legnicka 23, Wrocław
Opening hours: 
Mon–Fr: 11.00–19.00, Sat: 11.00-17.00


  • Russian dumplings – 3.30$ / Pierogi ruskie – 12.50
  • Lunches sets with meat (many different) + potatoes + salad – 4.90$ / Zestaw z mięsem ( ziemniaki, mięso dnia, zestaw surówek) – 18,90
  • Goulash (meat, potatoes, salad)- 4.10$ / Gulasz ( ziemniaki, gulasz, zestaw surówek) – 16,00

Witek Bar (Bar Witek)

This bar offers a great traditional range of our old school PRL toasts – a typical Polish fast food during the communism time. It has been opened in 1979 and still serve one of the best and very cheesy toasts with mushrooms. Portions are very big and very filling.

Address: ul. Wita Stwosza 40/1a, Wrocław
Opening hours: Mon–Fr: 12.00-19.00, Sat: 12.00-18.00

Examples of dishes and prices (English/Polish)

  • Traditional toast with cheese and mushrooms – 2.70$ / Tost tradycyjny z pieczarkami i serem – 9.50 zł
  • Village style toast with mushrooms, cheese, sausage and onion – 3.40$ / Tost wiejski – pieczarki, ser, kiełbasa wiejska, cebula – 11.20 zł
  • Greek toast with olives  – 3$ / Tost grecki – 11.40 zł
  • Open-faced toasted cheese sandwich with mushrooms – 2.40$ / Zapiekanka tradycyjna z pieczarkami i serem – 8.50 zł

    Bar Mały (Mały Bar)

Another amazing milk bar near the city center. This one is open a bit longer. You can find loads of tourists here, as its very close to the main train and bus station. Food is homemade and very traditional, however a bit more expensive than other milk bars like Miś or Mewa.

Address: ul. Kołłątaja 27/28, Wrocław
Opening hours: Mon–Fr: 11.00–18.00

Examples of dishes and prices (English/Polish)

  • Traditional Polish dumplings – 3.80$/Pierogi ruskie – 15 zł
  • Full lunch Meat (many kinds) + side (potatoes, fries, rice) + salad – 5.20$ / Dania głowne mieso do wyboru, dodatek (fryty, ziemniaki, ryz) + sałatka.
  • Pancakes with cheese or apples or spinach – 3.30$ / Naleśniki z serem, jabłkami lub szpinakiem – 13 zł

     Lepione Restaurant (Restauracja Lepione)

There is no way I will not think about Lepione (old Bazylia restaurant) without remembering my time at university. This buffet style restaurant is located inside one of the law department buildings, where I studied. I can’t say the food is top mach, but I love the fact that its cheap, you can fill your plate with everything you like, and you pay the same price of 0.90$ (1.20 zł) per 100g. I used to eat there after my lectures, exams, alone, with friends or family. The other thing about this place is location and surrounded stunning architecture you can enjoy while eating.

Address: ul. Kuźnicza 42, Wrocław 
Opening hours: everyday: 12.00–23.00

Examples of dishes and prices (English/Polish)

This is a buffet style restaurant where you add to the plate anything you like and pay for 100g. You will find there anything from traditional dumplings, salads, fish, chicken, goulash to Chinese chicken with bamboo. Price is 4.19 zł, that’s 1.30$, for 100g.


After 17.00 all 15% cheaper, after 17.30 all 25% cheaper and after 18.00 all cheaper by 50%.

Karmazyn Bar (Bar Karmazyn)

This amazing bar is located in one of the biggest indoor markets in Wroclaw, called Hala Targowa, so after a very tasty traditional, homemade meal you can have a look around.

Address: ul. Piaskowa 17, Wrocław
Opening hours: Mon–Fr: 9.00–18.30, Sat: 9.00–15.00

Examples of dishes and prices (English/Polish)

All dishes and prices are very similar to Miś Bar (see above).

Sunny Bar (Bar Słoneczny) PLEASE NOTE, I CANT FIND INFO if its still open

One of my earliest discovery of a great food at a very low price. However, this bar is special for me for another reason. Staff keeps some unused food to share later with homeless people and that is a huge plus for me!

Address: ul. Komandorska 147, Wrocław
Opening hours: Mon–Fr 10.00–18.00, Sat: 10.00–17.00

Examples of dishes and prices (English/Polish)

  • Traditional Polish dumplings – 2.50$ / Pierogi ruskie – 8 zł
  • Greek fish (100g) – 1.5$ / Ryba po grecku (100g) – 4.20 zł
  • Fish filet in bread crumbs (100g) – 2$ / Filet z ryby (100g) – 6.90 zł
  • Pork liver (100g) – 1.5$ / Wątróbka wieprzowa (100g) – 4.80 zł
  • Goulash from pork meat (200g) – 2$ / Gulasz wieprzowy (200g) – 6.90 zł
  • Sweet rice with strowberrys – 1.40$ / Ryż z truskawkami – 4,20 zł
  • Pancakes with white cheese and strawberries (1 pancake) – 1$ / naleśniki z serem i truskawkami (sztuka) – 3,20 zł
  • Dumplings with meat (300g) – 2.80$ /  Pyzy z mięsem (300g) – 8.50 zł
  • Traditional salad from cucumber and sour cream (100g) – 0.90$/Mizeria (100g) – 2.90 zł
  • Chicken breast in bread crumbs (120g) – 2.5$ / Filet z kurczaka (120g) – 8.80 zł
  • Ribbs (100g) – 1$ / Żeberka (100g) – 3.60 zł
  • Lasagne (100g) – 1.20$ / Lasagne (100g) – 4 zł
  • Potatoes (200g) – 0.80$ / Ziemniaki (200g) – 2.40 zł
  • Chips (120g) – 1$ / Frytki (120)g – 3.50 zł
  • All soups from 0.80 to 1.5$ / Zupy od 2.50 do 4.20 zł

11 thoughts on “Best and cheapest restaurants in Wrocław-culinary heaven for backpackers (September 2021 update)

  1. Thank you Anna for this useful post that made me visit Bar Mleczny Miś today!! I paid around 2 euros for the whole lunch! I really liked Pierogi with spinach: Pierogi ruskie (btw, why they are called Russian?) unfortunately we not available. I wish I could visit other places from your list: perhaps next time:).

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    1. Hello there!! I hope you enjoyed Wroclaw. Yes, so so cheap, and the food is good. Apparently the story with pierogi Ruskie is that they are hand made, so very limited and usually gone before 14.00. Maybe next time yes!! Omg, you got me there… I actually have no idea why they called Russian. I have to look into that. Have a good journeys, and thank you for your comment:)

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      1. Yes, and what I liked the most was the atmosphere: it looks like there were mostly local people and I felt as I am a part of this society! Perhaps you can write a similar article about places to eat in other polish cities like Gdańsk, Krakow, Poznan? Would be really helpful for tourists like us! Thank you very much!!

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        1. Haha, indeed! Even I love atmosphere there. I always go there if I am around. There are loads of students also from near by university, as they usually have limited budget to dine out. Yes!! Yes i do want to do it, even i went to Katowice 3 weeks ago to do it, booked hotel and all and unfortunately i got sick, very sick, so I took just few pics and checked 2 places. Cant really write from that, but I am planning my big return there 😀 Again, thank you very much for your comment and time. All the best!!!!

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