Pretty smile on a dirty street, Guatemala City as seen

   Pretty, clean and safe are not always the values trevellers are looking for. There are a bunch of explorers that wont be easily satisfy with a little umbrella in their cocktail by a swimming pool on a side. Absolutely its noting wrong with that, it is good to rest too, however some people simply just want to see the diverse lifestyle on this planet. They want to discover and sink in a different culture. They want to see how people interact with each other in different, mostly roughest, environment on a daily bases. They want to understand the level of poverty, even crime sometimes. They just don’t want to hide in posh hotels. Yet, interestingly, very often they can find the reliance that goes towards the same direction. Poor, dangerous with friendship and love. Being in Kathmandu during the earthquake in 2015, I saw how Nepalese helped each other, I saw how French fire brigade had a breakfast for 4h, then going out to take some photos. I am not saying they did nothing, but way more could be done from them. I wonder why is that? I guess I need still to see more to, maybe, understand.


  But coming back to the title, I definitely would recommend visiting Guatemala City, and Central America in general, especially for group of trevellers, I mentioned at the beginning of this post, and to everyone really. Spearing this time to write what to see or eat, and where to stay, I will just say that you will enjoy no matter what, like I did.



7 thoughts on “Pretty smile on a dirty street, Guatemala City as seen

  1. This is so wonderful. You are sharing things that I would never see or know without your blog. I appreciate this so much. You are brave. This is important. Bless you.


    1. Thank you so so much, as I appreciate your visit on my blog very much every time 🙂 I am happy to share, and even more happy that I was fortunate to visit all these countries. I was always very interested in places like this, stilling my dad`s National Geographic to read from the age of 10 :). Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  2. Perhaps technical innovations and good quality of life in the west has had it’s costs. However, whatever western people I have come across, they were quite affable I’d say … or may be it was coz of only a few days of association that I have this view. I have never lived in the west for long.


    1. Indeed, people here are very very nice, but that’s when it comes to interaction. Otherwise I cant picture neighbors helping each other when would be needed. I might be wrong, it is just my observation, but I was in Nepal, Kathmandu when the earthquake stroke, few day before it happened and 3 weeks after and from that situation, mostly, I think this way. I love those people most for a true heart and at the same time, I wish to do more to help children to have at same opportunities. Thank you for sharing you view, I appreciate it a lot 🙂 Greetings!!!

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  3. The distinctions you made here about the kinds of travelers are very true. That’s why as independent travelers, my wife and I rarely invite anyone else to travel with us. If I am not mistaken, you seem to have the same idea. Thank you for continuing to read my blog. Several trips of ours will be upcoming for us in August- November.


    1. That is the best way, seems like the idea of freedoms is good on many levels 🙂 At this point of my life I just cant imagine traveling with anyone (maybe except my sis and her 2 kids). Glad we share the same view! It is a great appreciation to have your comment and you as a reader 🙂 Looking forward to hear about your destinations and experience.


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